Finnish Easter treats: Mignon, pasha and mämmi

Right now is the time for several Finnish Easter treats, here are a few of them.

Mignon eggs by Fazer – these are real egg shells filled with delicious almond and hazelnut nougat. This year is the 120th anniversary for them. Again, anything that has remained successful for so long has to be good. In fact, Mignon eggs are one of the things listed on a list of 56 reasons you should move to Finland immediately. Anyone outside Finland who is interested in buying these, I believe the link provided offers you a chance to order them also abroad.

Pasha is a dessert of Russian origin, and Lieksan pasha is an easy way to enjoy it ready-made. Pasha is reasonably simple to make also yourself, but so far the basic version by Lieksan herkut beats all my efforts at making it. It also beats any other ready-made pasha. Getting exactly the right balance between sugar and acidity is a tricky one in this dessert. For those of you who would like to try making it yourself, you can find a recipe for example here.

Mämmi is a dessert made of rye flower, malts and sugar. Since the look of it may not be particularly appetizing for the novices, it is one of the things with which we test foreigners. (The other typical one is strong salty liquorice.) The usual way to eat it is to take a few table spoons of mämmi, add a little bit of sugar, a little bit of milk and a little cream… et voilà. Some prefer cream only or milk only, I think the mixture creates the best result.

You can find all of these special Finnish Easter treats in most supermarkets, they are all available only for a limited time, so enjoy while you can!