Aki Kaurismäki awarded best director at Berlin

One of the most prominent Finnish movie directors, Aki Kaurismäki, won the prize for best director at Berlin. The prize was awarded for the film titled ”Toivon tuolla puolen” which translates to ”Beyond hope”, though the official (?) translation is ”The other side of hope”. It is a story about the encounter of a Finnish entrepreneur with a Syrian refugee. Last year Aki Kaurismäki received the Carosse D’Or at Cannes 2016.

Another movie with a somewhat similar theme has just arrived in the move theatres, it is called ”Saattokeikka”, roughly ”The escort gig” in which an old and grumpy man hires a young immigrant boy to take him to his summer cottage. Both are now playing at theatres throughout Finland, and most likely you’ll be able to see the Kaurismäki film abroad as well, so enjoy!